Demi’s Story

When Demi was experiencing difficulties working part-time and looking after her child with disabilities, she turned to GroceryAid's free Helpline for support.


Demi works part time at a convenience store and when she is not working, she is caring for her 5-year-old child who is severely disabled. She was finding the pressures of life were beginning to build up, causing her to become stressed and overwhelmed. After discussing the struggles with her line manager, Demi was made aware of the support services GroceryAid offer.

Demi accessed ‘in the moment’ emotional support from a BACP qualified Counsellor through the GroceryAid Helpline. With the support of a trained specialist, Demi was able to manage her stress and help her through those moments when life seemed too overwhelming.

“GroceryAid helped me through the most difficult time of my life, whilst being a carer for my child with additional needs and having problems at work, life became so overwhelming. The Counsellor was there to offer words of encouragement to keep me strong.”

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