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GroceryAid Awards!

GroceryAid is proud to recognise the incredible backing it receives from the industry. Without it, grocery colleagues would not have access to the emotional, financial and practical help they deserve.

We hope you feel proud of your award, and helping to change grocery colleagues lives for the better in 2021.

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2022 Award levels


7 activities across 3 pillars





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5 activities across 2 or more pillars





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3 activities across 2 or more pillars





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2022 Criteria

With four criteria in each pillar, the inclusive scheme means companies large and small can contribute to GroceryAid in different ways.

Help the charity by raising awareness so that all colleagues know about the support available to them.
  • Have an active HR/ Comms Contact
  • Promote the Welfare Services internally
  • Take part in GroceryAid Awareness Day
  • Showcase your GroceryAid Award to the industry
Attending events raises funds and can meet business CSR, networking and brand building objectives.
  • Support a Central or Regional event
  • Support a third-party event
  • Run a fundraising activity for GroceryAid
  • Make a donation
Our volunteers are key contributors to the charity and there are many ways you can get involved to help.
  • Be part of an Awareness Network
  • Be part of a Fundraising Branch
  • Be part of a Committee
  • Provide expertise to GroceryAid
What the Industry says

“The recognition is something to be proud of but the work that GroceryAid do on behalf of the thousands of people who work in our sector is fantastic.”

- Nigel Gray, Nisa Retail

“Made my day! I’m personally delighted to support GroceryAid and push the charity within SHS and other companies that I have contacts in.”

- Marcus Freer, SHS

“Thank you for notification of the Award. The news has been gratefully received by the Aston team that support the attendance and activation of both National, Regional and in-house events.”

– Glen Friel, Aston Manor

"What fantastic news to receive. GroceryAid is extremely important to our industry and we are very proud to support it. Thank you for considering Burtons for this award and we look forward to continuing our support in 2020."

- Jo Harwood, Burtons Biscuits

"Thank you so much for this award, it is much appreciated, and I look forward to sharing the news with my colleagues. GroceryAid does fantastic work and we are delighted to be able to support the charity."

- Doug Adam, Kerry Foods

"We are delighted to be recognised with the Gold Award – our work with GroceryAid over the years has been very important to myself and M&S and to be recognised is a credit to all the team."

- Steve Rowe, Marks and Spencer

"We are really pleased to be recognised with a Silver Award and proud of the fantastic job done by the charity to support so many of our colleagues across the industry."

- Veli Molulou, Noble Foods

"We’re really pleased to be recognised as a medallist and owe the majority of our success to Dan Ryan. He’s tirelessly worked alongside the GroceryAid team to make sure we have been fully involved and helped put on a great Sporting Lunch."

– Andrew McQuade, Red Bull

"Thanks for the recognition. As you well as continuing our fundraising efforts, we’ve made a step up in awareness and volunteering this year and I’m delighted that the team have been recognised with a Gold Award."

- Simon Fisher, Unilever