Kesha’s Story

Kesha struggled to work whilst caring for her adult son who needed mental health support. GroceryAid helped the family with a crisis grant and debt advice.


Kesha, in her 50’s, had spent many years as an online shopper for a supermarket. In the past year, Kesha had to reduce her hours to part-time as she was caring for her adult son Ashur who was struggling with his mental health and needed extra support.

The family fell behind with many of their priority bills but particularly their rent payments as the housing benefit they received did not make up for the reduction in income. To avoid being evicted and Kesha and her son being made homeless, they needed to clear the full rent arrears. The fear of the impact on her son’s mental health of being made homeless was causing stress and anxiety.

GroceryAid awarded a crisis grant which cleared the arrears and prevented all eviction proceedings. We introduced Kesha to StepChange for debt advice, they recommended that a Debt Relief Order would help to clear the remaining debts and planned a balanced budget. GroceryAid paid the fee for a Debt Relief Order which helped Kesha restructure her budget.

“I am very, very grateful to GroceryAid, they helped me with my rent at a crucial time when I was about to lose my home I will never, ever forget their help!”

To access debt advice, visit the link below

Debt Advice

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