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We are proud to have produced a film to thank the industry for its contribution during wave one of Covid. We reached out and secured contributions from across the trade – video footage that was shot by companies during March, April and May. In the words of our President, Charles Wilson: “Everybody in the trade has done a fantastic job in keeping Britain fed. As you will see in the video; farmers, producers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers have all played a part. Thank you for a brilliant, brilliant job. Take care everybody, stay safe and thank you.” Thank you to our supporters who contributed to this film, more films will follow.

Introducing our film

Grocery feeds the Nation

What our Supporters say

On behalf of us all, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how fabulous this video is! It gave me goosebumps for the whole 6 mins. Such a good collaboration.

I think the tone of the film is absolutely spot on - the honesty and directness of the individual contributions is striking, and I found it both moving and uplifting. I think it's a powerful way of showing how care and compassion has a central place within a business imperative, on many different levels.

Brilliant video, quite emotional if I’m honest. We are part of such an amazing sector. Well done to the GA team for harnessing the spirit of the industry.

It’s actually quite emotional watching it and seeing how united the industry and nation have been over the past 8 months; and to remember the fantastic support that GroceryAid has provided to industry colleagues.

Excellent short film that captures the pride, the passion, the hard work, the collaboration across the industry - and the natural personal and individual vulnerabilities and challenges - that the charity was there to support.

The video brings together extremely well how the industry pulled together as one to feed the nation at a time of great need for many, many people. It was great also to hear from Charles about the fantastic work that Grocery Aid have been doing to support those in need through the current crisis.

Wow – it is tremendous, and it makes you feel humble and proud to work in the industry. It also reinforces what a fantastic job you guys do.

Gosh had to admit that bought a tear to the eyes. Thanks for sharing

Such a powerful film and hopefully will demonstrate the year the grocery industry has had and more importantly how you support those in need.

Quite incredible to reflect and see what we have just lived through - you forget how hard and challenging it has been for such a long period now.