Brianne’s Story

When Brianne needed to move urgently, GroceryAid provided practical advice through Shelter to resolve her housing situation.


Brianne works full-time in her local supermarket. Last year, she began to experience difficulties with her house mate who was bringing large groups of people home late at night, making noise and leaving their communal space in a mess. When Brianne spoke to him about these issues, he responded in an intimidating manner and refused to change his behaviour. His response made Brianne feel so uncomfortable she avoided being at home, which led to a decline in her mental health.

Brianne knew she had to make a change for the better, and this is when she reached out to GroceryAid’s 24/7 Helpline. The trained counsellor who answered the call gave her in the moment emotional support and suggested that moving out may help reduce her anxiety.

GroceryAid referred Brianne to Shelter who provide specialist housing advice and could help her negotiate with her landlord to avoid paying rent on two properties. This enabled her to move to a new property where she feels safe.

“GroceryAid was such a help when I needed emotional and financial support. I didn’t realise they could support me with the extra tools such as the savings calculator; this has helped me allocate money for the future and feel confident that I can manage on my own.”


GroceryAid’s free and confidential Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, providing a professional and confidential service within seconds to all grocery colleagues and their spouse/partner and dependents over 18. We offer a translation service with access to over 200 languages, making it accessible to everyone.

Call our Helpline: 08088 021 122

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