Independent Retailers

Support where independent retailers can find helpful resources about GroceryAid to share with their employees


GroceryAid services are FREE and available for Independent Retailers and their employees working in independent and convenience stores as part of the grocery industry.

Make sure that your employees know about that GroceryAid support is free, confidential and available 24/7, 365 days a year.

This FREE toolkit has helpful printed and digital materials that you can use to tell your employees about GroceryAid. The toolkit includes posters, till stickers, wallet cards, digital assets and video content.

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Request your free printed materials toolkit by emailing with your name, contact number and delivery information

Step 2. Download the Employee Toolkit guide which shares more information on the toolkit

Step 3. When you receive the toolkit, use the posters in staff areas of the store, put the till stickers near till points and give the wallet cards to each member of staff

Step 4. Use the GroceryAid fact sheet to familiarise yourself with the GroceryAid services

Step 5. Download the digital assets and copy to communicate in Facebook & Whatsapp groups and 121 with your employees

Step 6. Share the video content with your employees to that they can understand about the support available to them

Download the Employee Toolkit Guide

Employee Toolkit Guide
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Download the digital assets and fact sheets

Digital Asset & Fact Sheet
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Download zip

Download our Case Study Film

Sunita's Story
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