Mike’s Story

Suffering from depression and anxiety Mike needed time away from work, but when sick pay ran out Mike ran into trouble with debt, thankfully GroceryAid were able to help him.


Mike is in his 30’s and has worked for a supermarket for the last 10 years. In the past year, Mike has suffered from depression and anxiety which has forced him to have time off work. His sick pay ran out meaning that he’s now on Universal Credit and the combination of the delay in receiving money after he applied and the reduction in income means that he has run up debts for rent and council tax. 

We encouraged Mike to get Debt advice and Citizen’s Advice suggested the best course of action was a debt relief order. GroceryAid helped with the fee of £90 (the cost of a Debt Relief Order) to enable him to be debt-free. Mike is also using the GroceryAid Helpline for emotional support and has been offered counselling. 

If you need mental health support like Mike then visit the link for more information

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