Breast Cancer Grant for Grocery Colleagues 

The Tickled Pink Gala Ball took place on 16th November 2023 and raised £1.4 million for its charity partners; Breast Cancer Now, CoppaFeel! and GroceryAid.

This year, for the first time, working in collaboration with GroceryAid, funds will be available to provide financial, emotional and practical support to grocery colleagues or their partner/spouse who has received a breast cancer diagnosis in the last 12 months.

Who are GroceryAid?

GroceryAid is a charity supporting people who work for a supermarket, wholesaler, manufacturer, supplier, convenience store, independent grocer, petrol forecourt store or service providers to the grocery industry. We also support businesses in the foodservice wholesale sector. Grocery is considered fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sold in supermarkets or grocery stores.

If your breast cancer diagnosis or treatment has had a financial impact on your household, you may be eligible for a grant to help and it won’t need to be paid back. You can apply if:

  • you or your partner/spouse have had a breast cancer diagnosis in the last 12 months
  • you or your partner/spouse works in the grocery industry and has done for at least 6 months
  • you meet GroceryAid’s financial criteria, details of which can be found below

What evidence do I need to apply?

  • Employment

    Your last six months of payslips, (if paid weekly, one for each month) including your most recent. OR your last P60 and most recent payslip.

  • Household Income

    Your household income and expenditure needs to fall within our criteria. You can do a quick check here, to see if you will qualify. Our calculator is a guide and doesn’t    guarantee a grant.

    You’ll need to be able to show your total available funds are less than £4,000 during the 90 days before you make a grant application.

    Open Banking:

    We use Open Banking through Consents.Online which is a safe and secure way to share your financial data online. (a third party organisation, part of Equifax)

    How does it work?

    • Simply give Consents.Online permission to access your account information. Once you have completed your application GroceryAid will email a secure link to you.
    • GroceryAid will then be provided with one-time    access to view your last 3 months bank statements to check you meet our financial criteria.

    Bank Statements:

    If you don’t use Consents.Online and choose to send bank statements then you will need to provide the last three months bank/building society statements for all accounts held in your name. If you are living as a couple, we will    require all of your partner’s statements too.

    You can choose to upload your bank statements directly within the application form. These can be as a pdf, scans/photographs of paper statements, or complete screenshots.


    GroceryAid are unable to award a grant direct to anyone considered to be in active addiction.

    This includes where we can identify transactions on your bank statements above 15% of household income to    gambling or online entertainment. We consider you        responsible for all transactions showing on statements in your name/partner’s name.

    We want to support you with this so please visit Gambling Support for details of our partnership with GamCare, or call our confidential GroceryAid 24/7 Helpline to discuss this with a trained counsellor.

  • Evidence of Benefits

    If you are in receipt of benefits then depending on which benefit you receive you will need to evidence this in one of the following formats:

    A benefit statement showing the payment amount          including your name and address.


    A bank statement with your address showing the benefit crediting.

  • Evidence of Breast Cancer Diagnosis

    We will need confirmation of your breast cancer diagnosis, we will require confirmation from a professional third party, such as:

    A letter from your doctor confirming your diagnosis, a      referral letter or other evidence. This must include your name and address.

The Tickled Pink Fund is ring fenced for to grocery colleagues or their partner/spouse who have received a breast cancer diagnosis in the last 12 months. If someone in your household is suffering from a long-term illness or disability other than breast cancer you should apply through GroceryAid Financial Grants.

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