Louise’s Story

Louise applied to GroceryAid after a challenging year. When Louise gave birth to her third child her life suddenly became much harder; her eldest child was diagnosed with Autism and her marriage broke down.


Louise moved in with her parents when she was still receiving maternity pay. It was difficult for her to be able to contribute towards household bills and the costs related to looking after her children and her mental health started to suffer. Louise was due to return to work in the grocery industry where she had worked for over 10 years, but the worry of how she was going to cope with juggling everything on her own was too much.

Louise was directed to GroceryAid where she was awarded a one-off financial grant to help cover some of her priority debts. She was also offered counselling through the FREE & Confidential Helpline and encouraged to discuss Family Counselling with GroceryAid partners, Relate, to help manage the move in with her parents, who although happy to provide her a home, sometimes found living with their grandchildren challenging.

“GroceryAid have been able to provide me with financial support and offer emotional
support for the whole family.”

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