Aliyah’s Story

Aliyah contacted GroceryAid after leaving home as a result of domestic abuse, we supported her with emotional, practical and financial help to ensure she got her life back on track.


Aliyah’s finances were spiralling out of control when she contacted GroceryAid. She had multiple debts and could not see a way forward.

Her debts had begun building from the moment she left her home as a result of domestic abuse. After spending some time in a refuge, Aliyah was provided with rented accommodation to get her back on her feet, but she was struggling financially to furnish her new accommodation and make a place of her own. She tried to keep on top of the debts but was unable to work additional hours at her job in grocery as her mental health was deteriorating due to the pressures of her stress.

GroceryAid awarded Aliyah a financial grant and signposted her to additional help through the website for debt advice, and tips on how to keep in control of her expenditures.

“Thank you so much, I cannot tell you or express my appreciation of how much this means; every month it was just getting worse. The impact on my mental health has been devastating as I couldn’t see a way out. It has not only saved me but also given me the opportunity to get ahead of my financial responsibilities and get myself on track.”


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