How to access GroceryAid’s Telephone Information Specialists and How They Can Help

PUBLISHED: 4 Jul 2023

Practical advice and support are only a phone call away with GroceryAid’s Telephone Information Specialists.


From general support to specific advice about debt, gambling or legal issues, grocery colleagues can access help by calling the free and confidential GroceryAid Helpline on 08088 021 122 and requesting a call with a Telephone Information Specialist. These experts are trained by Citizens Advice and are available Monday to Friday, from 8:00am to 8:00pm.

The Care first Information Service covers an extensive range of practical matters. Here are some of the areas they can help with:

  • Benefits: Housing benefit, incapacity benefits, disability benefits, tax credits, maternity benefits, eligibility criteria, and how to make a claim.
  • Consumer and Debt: Goods and services, consumer problems, insurance, credit, banks, issues with builders, second-hand cars, car repairs and debt.
  • Communication Problems: Phones and mobile phones, complaints about the media, queries about television licenses and copyright.
  • Education: Problems at school, student grants, and student loans.
  • Employment: Rights of employees such as maternity rights, pay, sick pay, health and safety at work, and related employment matters.
  • Family and Personal: Ending a relationship, child support, domestic violence, wills and obtaining probate, getting married, childcare provision, eldercare, community care, bereavement, changing a name, and related concerns.
  • Health: Patients’ rights, complaints, health costs, HIV/AIDS, abortion, infertility, and related health inquiries.
  • Housing: Buying and selling a house, renting, tenancies, homelessness, neighbour disputes, mortgages, residential care and nursing homes.
  • Immigration and Nationality Citizenship: Overstays, dual nationality, passport stamps, au pairs, immigration control, and working in the UK.
  • Legal Enquiries/Solicitors: Court procedures, police matters, solicitors’ bills, legal help schemes, court forms, jury service and CCJs.
  • National, International, and Human Rights: Voting procedures, moving overseas, messages from the Queen, access to personal records, discrimination acts, defamation of character, rape and sexual assault and personal injuries
  • Travel, Transport, and Holidays: Holiday problems, holiday complaints, driving licenses, passports, MOTs, seat belts, moving overseas with a car, and related inquiries.

In addition to the support provided by our free and confidential Helpline and Care first Information Service, GroceryAid have partnered with trusted organisations to offer further support tailored to your specific needs.

Our collaboration with MoneyHelper provides free online advice on money matters. Whether you’re looking for guidance on budgeting, savings, or housing issues, MoneyHelper can provide valuable resources to help you make informed financial decisions.

If you’re facing debt-related challenges, StepChange is here to help. They specialise in finding practical solutions to help kick-start your journey to becoming debt-free. With their expertise and support, you can take steps towards regaining financial stability and peace of mind.

Need help with legal matters? Law Express has got you covered. Speak with an experienced legal adviser, available seven days, to receive free practical solutions for issues such as family, motoring and tenancy agreements. Call our free and confidential 24/7 Helpline on 08088 021 122, press 1, and use your unique code when you’re ready to contact Law Express.

At GroceryAid, we understand that life can bring unexpected challenges. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of welfare services to ensure you have the help you need when you need it. Visit the Get Help services here.


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