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GroceryAid supports grocery colleagues who give care to, or who are cared for by others in their household.

Across the UK today 6.5 million people are carers, supporting a loved one who is older, disabled or seriously ill.

Life changes often happen suddenly, someone you love is taken ill or has an accident, your child is born with a disability. For others, caring creeps up unnoticed; your parents can’t manage on their own any longer, your partner’s health gets gradually worse.

Juggling care with work and family life makes it hard to balance things and often this makes it difficult to make ends meet. Changes like working reduced hours to care or seeing your income reduce on sick pay while the mortgage or rent stays the same cause added stress.

If you’re struggling to cope and need some support, call to find out more about our financial assistance to help relieve some of the stress caused by caring.

Emotional and Practical Support

  • In the moment emotional support through our confidential 24/7 Helpline
  • Access to telephone or face to face counselling to help deal with stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Telephone information specialists who can give benefits advice and information

Financial Assistance

  • Consideration for a one-off Carer’s Gateway grant if you are working and caring for an ill or disabled parent, partner or child living in your household, or are a grocery colleague needing care from a family member in your home, subject to eligibility criteria
  • Crisis support if you are experiencing financial hardship due to caring responsibilities

Eligibility criteria

  • Applicant caring for a family member of their household or being cared for will be identified by receipt of Carers Allowance or Carers Credit or benefit of the cared person such as SSP, ESA, PIP, DLA or an employer-supported application. 
  • Minimum of a year’s service in the industry and currently working 
  • Financial assistance depends on individual circumstances
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