How to Apply

Before applying for one of our financial grants please ensure you have read this page.


How to apply for a Financial Grant

To allow us to assess how we may be able to help, we need you to provide the following information with your application.

If you are unsure about any of the information being asked for, our Welfare Team are trained to give guidance without judgement about your situation, their details are at the bottom of the application form.

Khalida applied for a Financial Grant and you can read about her experience with the application process by clicking below

What will we ask you to provide?

Employment Evidence, P60’s and Payslips –We will ask you for your National Insurance number and evidence of your grocery employment. The easiest way to do this is to provide the last six payslips or your P60’s and your most recent payslip. Alternatively, you could ask your employer for a letter verifying your start date and current employment.

If you have not kept your P60’s then you could request a report from the HMRC showing all the employers you have worked for here. Please be aware this will take at least six weeks. Please do not apply until you have your report.

Financial Evidence – As your grant award is based on your household income and expenditure, to consider you for a financial grant we need to see evidence of:

  • Household income including any benefits
  • Housing costs
  • Council tax
  • Child maintenance
  • Statements for all current accounts, savings, investments and available balances of household accounts, which need to be below £4,000

We need you to provide your last three months bank statements for all accounts for both you, and if you are living with as a couple, your partner will need to provide their bank statements too. Failure to send statements for all accounts may delay your application.

GroceryAid use Open Banking and have partnered with Consents.Online to offer you a secure and easy way to provide your financial information digitally through this secure platform. Select this option when completing the application form and you will be sent a link by email to give Consents.Online permission to access your account information, GroceryAid will then be provided with one-time access to view your last three months bank statements to check you meet our financial criteria. If you have a spouse/partner, we will require them to follow the same link to provide their financial information.

Reason for your application – We carefully consider your individual circumstances and needs so please tell us why you are applying for a financial grant and what help you need. For example, if there has been a reduction in income, please supply the reason why and the evidence of this.

Ukrainian Crisis Fund– The easiest way to evidence your reason for application is to ask your HR or Line Manager to send you an email from their employer email address confirming known financial impact caused by the Ukrainian crisis. You can then upload this in the reason for application section of the GroceryAid Financial Grant Application.

Reapplication – We can only consider one grant in 12 months. After 12 months you may re-apply but you must be able to evidence a change in your household income or a reason for application such as caring for someone with a disability or long-term health condition.

For people no longer employed in the grocery industry we can only consider one financial grant.

Addiction – GroceryAid are unable to consider financial support direct to anyone active in an addiction. This includes anyone spending more than 15% of household income on gambling or online entertainment. We will use your three months bank statements to assess this, and we will consider you responsible for all transactions showing on statements in your name/partner’s name.

We want to support you with this and so please visit Gambling Support for details of our partnership with GamCare or call our confidential GroceryAid 24/7 Helpline to discuss this spend with a trained counsellor.

Applying on behalf of someone else – You will be unable to apply using our online application if you are not the applicant as the permissions need to be agreed. Please download the application form here which you can submit by email once signed by the applicant.