Managing stress and financial pressures – how can GroceryAid help you?

PUBLISHED: 3 Nov 2023


As the year progresses and days shorten, remember that GroceryAid is always open. Whether you want advice about money, support for emotional challenges or solutions to some of life’s more practical issues, you can reach out to us.

In this blog, GroceryAid explains how to recognise the signs of stress and how they can support you during this time. When we experience high levels of stress and worry, sometimes there’s no room for ‘let up’ and that can cause feelings and emotions to build up until we reach a breaking point. This means normal everyday pressures can build into something more and lead us to not be able to cope.

There are many factors that contribute to this pressure:

• Physical Stress
• Emotional Stress
• Financial Stress
• Key Life Events

If you think you are experiencing stress, please reach out for support. You don’t have to reach crisis point to receive help.

How can GroceryAid help?

If you work in the grocery industry, you can call GroceryAid’s free, confidential Helpline on 08088 021 122 anytime of the day or night and speak to a BACP accredited counsellor who will provide you with in-the-moment help. You may be referred for individual counselling sessions or Relate relationship counselling for additional support.

You can also access free self-guided resources through our online Health & Wellbeing platform which covers a broad range of topics to support mental health, stress management, sleep, and anxiety. Find out more at:

Financial support from GroceryAid

GroceryAid can help when money worries are causing stress of anxiety. In partnership with Money Helper, you can access financial guidance and advice through the website which includes free practical tools and tips on managing money, including a budget calculator, how to reduce household bills, and a wide range of topics from tax and benefits, to dealing with illness, disability, job loss and bereavement. Visit: for more information.

Financial grants are also available to colleagues struggling due to changes in circumstances, subject to eligibility criteria. For more information visit:

Other ways GroceryAid can help

GroceryAid has a range of other services which may help to reduce stress including free legal advice; Law Express are one of the UK’s leading providers of telephone legal advice who provide practical, impartial and solution-focused legal advice. Find out more at:

Through our helpline, our Telephone Information Specialists (TIS’) are also available to help; they can provide guidance on housing, benefits and other entitlements which may help to make things easier for you.

Contact GroceryAid’s helpline by calling 08088 021 122.


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