How to support men’s mental health in the workplace

PUBLISHED: 31 May 2024


In the realm of men’s health, much of the focus has traditionally been on physical well-being. However, it is crucial not to overlook the significant impact that mental health can have on overall quality of life. Men’s Mental Health Week takes place in June each year and aims to raise awareness about the struggles men face and promote strategies to better support their mental wellbeing, and what better time to remind you of the free and confidential support available through GroceryAid. GroceryAid provides financial, emotional and practical support to all grocery colleagues from their first day of employment.

Why men’s mental health matters in the workplace
Workplaces have a unique set of stressors and expectations that can contribute to mental health issues among male employees. Societal expectations that men should be strong, self-reliant, and always in control can create a difficult environment for men to express their vulnerabilities or seek help when needed. This pressure to appear invincible can lead to feelings of isolation, burnout, and even serious mental health problems. Therefore, it is paramount for employers and colleagues to prioritise men’s mental health in the workplace to cultivate a supportive and inclusive environment for all.

How you can support men’s mental health at work:

Promote open dialogue and destigmatise mental health
An inclusive workplace culture starts with open conversations about mental health. By eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health, men will feel more comfortable reaching out for support. Grocery colleagues can access in the moment emotional support via the GroceryAid Helpline, 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s completely free and confidential and you can call 08088 021 122 anytime to speak to a qualified counsellor.

Encourage work-life balance
Striking a healthy balance between work and personal life is vital for maintaining mental well-being. and by demonstrating that work-life balance is valued within your organisation, men will feel empowered to prioritise self-care, leading to increased job satisfaction and improved mental health. You have full access to GroceryAid’s online health and wellbeing platform  through their partner, RightSteps, which offers a range of self-help tools, meditation videos and online CBT sessions. Visit this here.

Foster a supportive and inclusive workplace culture
Building a workplace culture that emphasises empathy, respect, and support for one another is crucial for men’s mental health. Encourage colleagues to actively listen and validate each other’s experiences without judgment. Promote teamwork and collaboration while also celebrating individual achievements. By creating a nurturing environment, men will feel encouraged to seek support when needed and ultimately thrive in their professional lives.

By prioritising open dialogue, work-life balance, and inclusive workplace cultures, employers and colleagues can better support men’s mental health needs. Promoting mental wellbeing in the workplace is not only beneficial for men, but for the entire workforce.

Find out more about GroceryAid’s emotional support here.

If you’re in a management role, GroceryAid offers specific support for managers which can help you as a manager and help you to manage your team better. You can learn more about here.


Call our free Helpline for emotional support or practical advice. We are unable to discuss grant applications on this number 08088 021 122

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