GroceryAid Awards hit an all-time high

PUBLISHED: 19 Jan 2023

GroceryAid announced its Awards on the 18th January reporting a spike in supporter activity over the last year.


With over 60 more award winners than last year, including five additional Gold winners, GroceryAid has seen an increase in the level of colleague support across all areas of the industry. There was a 20% increase in overall growth of awards winners, compared to 2021.

  • 95 organisations secured a Gold Award (seven activities in three areas)
  • 65 organisations secured a Silver Award (five activities in two areas)
  • 95 organisations achieved a Bronze Award (three activities in two areas).
  • 112 organisations were acknowledged as Recognised Supporters for completing at least two activities.

GroceryAid Awards are an inclusive annual programme allowing organisations, both large and small, to demonstrate how they support GroceryAid, and in turn industry colleagues, in three different ways:

  • Awareness – Raising awareness of the charity and how it can support colleagues
  • Fundraising – Supporting events that raise funds for the welfare work GroceryAid does
  • Volunteering – Donating time or expertise to benefit the charity

The increase in demand for GroceryAid’s support was highlighted in the charity’s Impact Report that reported 28,204 instances of support last year, which represented a 61% increase on the previous 12 months.

GroceryAid Chief Executive, Steve Barnes said “With cost-of-living worries set to increase, we are expecting colleagues to turn to us more than ever before. It is so important to have the industry’s support and for us to celebrate and recognise the exceptional contribution of our trade.”

See a full list of award winners on GroceryAid’s website,

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