Workplace Critical Incident

GroceryAid offers critical incident support to colleagues needing help deal with the trauma of witnessing or being involved in a critical incident in the workplace.

This service supports grocery colleagues who have been affected by a critical incident that leaves an individual traumatised and struggling to cope, including:

  • Accidents at work 
  • Death of a colleague
  • Medical emergencies 
  • Robberies with a threat to life
  • Vehicle accidents 
  • Violent attacks

Although different in their nature, these events all tend to happen out of the blue, be life-threatening, and leave people feeling out of control and potentially unable to cope with the complicated emotions that they trigger.

How can GroceryAid Help?

The service is activated when something has occurred in the workplace resulting in a critical incident.

Following an incident, be it the death of a colleague, a medical emergency, or suffering of trauma, those involved need to be reassured that they are safe and are okay. At this early stage, counselling intervention might not be available if there is police/legal intervention. The people involved are initially prohibited from any public discussion.

Once any investigations are completed, or if this is not required, the employer can call GroceryAid’s FREE and confidential Helpline. From this, an initial assessment is made and if a site visit is required, GroceryAid will arrange for a trauma support specialist to attend at a time convenient to those affected for a full or half-day depending on the number of employees involved.

At any time of the traumatic incident, GroceryAid’s FREE and confidential Helpline is available to all members of staff to receive instant ‘in the moment’ support from a BACP accredited counsellor. This is available 24/7, 365 days a year by calling 08088 021122

Eligibility criteria:

Available to any grocery colleagues who have witnessed or been involved in a critical incident in the workplace.

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