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Helpline information and resources about your industry charity GroceryAid. Use these to raise awareness of our services amongst your colleagues

GA Credentials Deck - Jan 22
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About GroceryAid
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GroceryAid Awards 22 - Two Pager
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Woebot Posters
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GroceryAid - World Mental Health Day 2021
2.68 MB
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Monthly Content-Anxiety & Emotional Support- July
14.62 MB
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Monthly Content- Practical Support- August
5.61 MB
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Monthly Content- Relationship Counselling- September
8.83 MB
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Monthly Content- Workplace Wellbeing-October
30.45 MB
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Monthly Content- Talk Money- November
16.15 MB
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Monthly Content - Emotional Support - December & January
4.63 MB
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Monthly Content - Family Mental Health - February
23.41 MB
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Monthly Content - Workplace Critical Incident Support - March
31.89 MB
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Monthly Content - Stress Awareness Support - April
6.45 MB
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Monthly Content - Mental Health Awareness - May
11.74 MB
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Monthly Content - Carers Support and Mens Health Week - June
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IRSG Toolkit
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GroceryAid Films

GroceryAid Explainer films which can be used in different communications

GroceryAid Intro Film
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GroceryAid 2020/21 Impact Report
29.75 MB
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GroceryAid Helpline
12.30 MB
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GroceryAid Financial Support
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GroceryAid Carers
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How GroceryAid Can Help You
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If you are adding the GroceryAid logo to your materials you can download them all from here

GroceryAid Logo
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Awards Logos
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Wallet Cards

Printed materials

If you have the facilities to print materials yourself you will find all the print ready files and digital versions below

GA Day 2022 A2 Reversible Poster_AW
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GA Day 2022 A4 Series Posters_AW
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GA Day 2022 A5 Flyer_AW
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Stories of our beneficiaries shine a light on how we help colleagues in our industry. Use our films and assets to illustrate how we can help your colleagues

GroceryAid Sunita's Story
30.99 MB
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GroceryAid Ricky's Story
14.85 MB
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GroceryAid Martin's Story
40.08 MB
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GroceryAid Kelly's Story
39.79 MB
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Josie's Story
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Mark's Story
1.24 MB
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Shana's Story
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Connor's Story
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