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GroceryAid Awareness Day

Download our material to help raise awareness of GroceryAid on 3rd March!

Why should you get involved in GroceryAid Awareness Day?

Last year, GroceryAid launched our first Awareness Day with the aim of spreading the word about the free emotional, financial and practical support available to all grocery colleagues from their industry charity. We were pleased to see an incredible 63 companies take part, with 5,483 stores and manufacturing sites sharing Awareness Day information with colleagues!

James' Story

Last year's Awareness Day led to a 31% increase in applications and a 22% increase in calls to our Helpline. One person who we helped is James.

James is in his late 20’s and recently lost his driving licence due to a medical issue. It also meant his shift pattern had to change which led to his partner having to cut her hours to drive him to work and also pick their daughter up from nursery.  As a consequence, their household income has reduced and they’re struggling to cope.

GroceryAid helped with a one-off grant to help them adjust, and recommended they work with StepChange to learn how to budget on a reduced income.

There could be colleagues within your business today who are struggling in silence with nowhere to turn. Without you spreading the word of GroceryAid, we will not be able to support these people. 

Check out what companies got up to last year here.

Below you will find a range of material to help spread the word from factories to stores:

Download your GroceryAid Awareness Day Pack

Why get involved
Learn more about the importance of raising awareness of GroceryAid
- GroceryAid info sheet
- Why get involved
- Why take part in our quiz

How to get involved
Find out how your company can make noise and help colleagues
- How you can get involved
- Examples of companies raising awareness 

GroceryAid presentation
An overview of GroceryAid's fantastic services

Case studies
Examples of how we've help colleagues in need

Posters and leaflets


Social media assets
Everything you need to raise awareness on social media. Don't forget to tag us and use #GroceryAidDay


Promotional material order form

Don't forget to let us know what you're doing for GroceryAid Awareness Day - it counts toward your GroceryAid Award! 

Email to keep up informed or for any other queries regarding Awareness Day.

GroceryAid Awareness Day will be held on Tuesday 3rd March 2020.

Awareness Day

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