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The artificial intelligence counsellor available 24/7 via an app for iPhone or Android

Woebot is an artificial intelligence counsellor which allows a user to access in the moment emotional support 24/7. Woebot allows a user to track their mood, identify patterns and give insight into particular issues or concerns that the user may not have realised were causing emotional distress. Woebot can teach the user techniques and tools such as cognitive behavioural therapies or breathing exercises.

Follow these simple steps to access Woebot 

1. Download the App from your mobile app store

2. Register with a code - use your email and enter the code groceryaid1 when prompteddownload small

3. Start chatting - Woebot wants to hear how you're doing

4. Check-in - Answer a couple of questions and Woebot will guide you through 

5. Explore Woebot's offerings - Discover the tools and stories that will help you the most 

About Woebot

.   Woebot is built on the foundations of: 

.   Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 

.   Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) 

.   Mindfulness 

.   Interpersonal Psychotherapy 

Woebot can help you: 

.   Feel better

.   Discover insights

.   Practice mindfulness

.   Manage loneliness 

.   Reduce stress 

.   Track your mood 

.   Measure progress 

.   Balance emotions 

.   Cope with grief 

.   Tolerate distress  

Download the App 

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