Legal Advice

GroceryAid work with Law Express, one of the UK’s leading providers of independent telephone advice, guidance and information to provide legal support.

Sometimes you just want to find out where you stand and what your rights are.  It might be a dispute with a landlord or neighbours, you might have bought something which hasn’t turned out to be what as expected, or you may be going through a relationship breakup.  Engaging solicitors to obtain legal advice is beyond the reach of many, due to the cost, but through our Helpline grocery people can access basic legal advice on a wide range of topics.

Services available to you:

  • Access to experienced advisers seven days a week
  • Sensitive, pragmatic, solution-focused legal advice
  • Quick & effective help to resolve issues
  • Calls are confidential and all advice given with complete impartiality

Eligibility criteria:

Available to all current and former grocery colleagues, their spouses, partners and dependents.

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