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Legal advice

Providing practical information on the legal issues affecting you today.

Business legal advice

A legal resource for businesses, this service provides basic practical information on the legal and compliance issues affecting your business today. 

Topics covered include:Scales of Justice 350.jpg

  • Employment - eg. statutory rights, disciplinary process, misconduct, redundancy and tribunals
  • Company - eg. commercial contracts, data protection, financial difficulties, and supply of goods and services
  • Commercial - eg. competition law, commercial credit and contracts, disputes, supply of goods
  • Health and safety - eg. common health and safety issues that are faced by businesses of all sizes
  • Taxation - eg. starting in business, tax and the family, value added tax, tax for work and retirement, and an NIC essentials guide

Foe business legal advice click here. 

Personal legal advice

Practical information on the legal issues affecting you today. Topics covered include:

  • Family - eg. children, divorce, domestic violence, mediation, separation
  • Consumer - eg. buying services and goods, buying on credit, distance selling regulations, hiring goods and holidays booked
  • Wills and probate - eg. estate administration, wills, power of attorney, probate and the role of personal representatives
  • Motoring - eg. car tax rules, buying and selling vehicles, drink driving, penalty guide, legal obligations of the vehicle owner, parking tickets, points and endorsements guide and speeding
  • Property - eg. buying and selling, harassment and illegal eviction, leasehold property, neighbours, repairs to leasehold or rented property, tenancies and private rented property
  • Employment - eg. basic statutory rights (working and family), conduct, disciplinary and grievance procedure, employment tribunals, health and safety, redundancy and dismissal

For personal legal advice contact Law Express on 01275 378700.

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