Covid-19 Fund

Supporting all grocery colleagues in their time of need. This includes manufacturing, supermarkets, independents, wholesalers, distribution, sales, and all support functions.

The GroceryAid Covid-19 Fund has been established to provide enhanced support for colleagues during this unprecedented period. GroceryAid has raised a fund of £1.5m to ensure support will reach people who need it.

Mental Health Support 

Offering ‘in the moment’ emotional and practical support for grocery colleagues dealing with shock, anxiety, or stress, from day one of them working in the grocery industry: 

  • Immediate access to BACP trained counsellors through the 24/7 Helpline, 
  • Structured Counselling sessions and Online CBT Courses
  • Health and Wellbeing online portal
  • Self Help Guides and Wellbeing sessions
  • Woebot, our AI robot app available for iPhone or Android 

Crisis Grants

Non-repayable one-off grants to help those struggling with financial hardship caused during Covid-19.


Our non-repayable grants are designed to help those experiencing an unexpected emergency like a change in circumstances or a sudden gap in income.

You can apply for a crisis grant if:

  • You are currently working in the grocery industry and can evidence a minimum of one year’s service or more
  • You are no longer working in the grocery industry, but previously worked in it for five years or more*
  • Your household net income and savings meet GroceryAid’s financial criteria

*The time worked doesn’t have to be continuous and can be with multiple companies.

Apply for a Crisis Grant

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Bereavement Financial Assistance

Providing financial assistance following the loss of a loved one through Covid-19. Available to grocery colleagues who lose a partner or the immediate family of a grocery colleague who has passed away as a result of Covid-19 whilst working in our industry.


Either the deceased or the applicant (demonstrating a partnership or family member in the same household) must be currently working in the grocery industry at the time of death with three months minimum service or if no longer working in grocery ten years’ service.

How to Apply

If you are applying for Bereavement Financial Assistance, complete the application form online, or if you would prefer to post or email download the application below. If you have not lost a spouse/ partner to Covid-19 but would like to apply for a Crisis Grant then please apply online above. 

You will be asked to provide a copy of the death certificate and evidence of grocery employment.

Apply for a Bereavement Grant

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