Vanessa’s Story

Vanessa turned to GroceryAid for financial support when her health took a turn for the worse and caused a reduction in income. As well as a financial grant, GroceryAid supported her and her son, Charlie with their mental wellbeing during this difficult time.


Charlie, 11 years old, has been caring for his mother since she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As it is just the two of them living together, throughout this difficult time Charlie has also provided support to his mother when complications of her treatment have caused periods of depression.

His mum, Vanessa, has been working in Grocery for the last 17 years but with time off sick leading to a reduced income, all these pressures started to build up and she reached out to GroceryAid for a financial grant.

As part of her successful grant application, Vanessa spoke with a GroceryAid Carers Specialist who explained how to access counselling for her and information on Kooth: an online mental health platform for 11–25-year-olds which can help Charlie with his mental wellbeing. The family were also signposted to a local Young Carers Group, to allow Charlie to talk with others like him about his situation.

“Thank you so much for your offer to help us at this difficult and stressful time, it will help a massive amount, thank you.”



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