Sabra’s Story

Sabra struggled to juggle work and childcare with special needs during the pandemic last year


Sabra has worked for a retailer for over 15 years juggling work with caring for her two children. During the pandemic, Sabra has struggled when her son with autism was unable to attend his special school which closed at short notice causing disruption to routine and his behaviour. At the same time, the family were allocated an adapted property that would better suit their needs and so they moved.

It has been a challenge to support her other son who has been learning online and needs quiet space to concentrate.

Sabra has found this year has taken its toll on her own mental health and she is now being supported by her GP with medication and counselling. Our Carers specialist spent time talking to Sabra put her in touch with her local carers organisation to put emergency support in place. One of her worries was what would happen to her children if she was unwell and unable to care for them. GroceryAid awarded a Carers Gateway Grant to help the family with the items they needed for their new property.

“Thank you very much for your support. I am very grateful”

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