Mike’s Story

COVID-19 restrictions made life increasingly difficult for Mike and his family. Restrictions had caused them to struggle emotionally as well as financially and Christmas was beginning to look like a bleak time.



Mike has worked in grocery since he left school. Now in his 30’s, he is working at a supermarket whilst managing a lifelong disability. His wife Anna is a fulltime carer for Mike
and their children, who also have development disabilities.
As a family, balancing the household’s caring needs became increasingly difficult when COVID-19 restrictions impacted the way Mike and his children coped with their disabilities,
causing them struggle with their mental health.

Following a call from our Carers Support team, GroceryAid awarded a one-off Carers Gateway Grant which enabled Anna to focus on the additional caring requirements without the added pressure of household finances.

“We are so thankful to GroceryAid for the grant. This has had a big impact on our family. I have been able to buy the children laptops which will help with remote learning at school. The car has also been fixed and we have paid for other essential items; this has been such a relief to us.”

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