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Rebuilding a family after domestic abuse

Debbie* contacted GroceryAid as she was struggling to keep on top of her household bills in her rented accommodation. She had left her home with her son and was trying to re-build their lives after suffering domestic violence. During the traumatic period prior to Debbie and her son leaving the family home, various debts had mounted up and she was now finding it hard to clear these and stay current on her new rent.Mother and son.jpg

Following a visit from one of the Welfare team to see how we could best help, GroceryAid cleared her rent arrears, leaving her without debt and able to manage on her salary. During this difficult time Debbie has continued to work and she has also received counselling through the GroceryAid Helpline to help her and her son cope.

Debbie wrote in to say;

We do not take this help for granted at all and we know that you are not a bottom-less pit of cash so thank you all so much. The money you sent greatly helped me to keep my job and keep me and my son off the streets. I don't know what we'd have done without you.
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