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Gary's financial and health issues

Following a referral from Turn2us, GroceryAid steps in to address Gary's financial and health issues.

Gary*, in his early 50s, worked in shop management selling confectionery and groceries for eighteen years. His relationship with a long-term partner had broken down leaving him with debts he was unable to pay. This was a very dark time for Gary who had also become incapable of working due to ill health.Man (Gary) 670px

We first met Gary after he was referred to us by StepChange Debt Charity. StepChange had recommended Gary become bankrupt as this would help him to clear his debts and start afresh. Once we had received his application, he was soon visited by a Volunteer Welfare Assessor at his home to see how GroceryAid could help.

GroceryAid agreed to pay the bankruptcy application fee, leaving Gary to focus on his health. This came as a huge relief to Gary. GroceryAid has subsequently supported Gary with a quarterly grant which helps him to manage the costs associated with travelling to hospital appointments in Southampton and London.

Gary has now had 29 operations with one more to go later this year. He has also received counselling which has helped him to feel emotion for the first time in many years and is committed to working on improving both his mental and physical health.

At a recent visit Gary said;

GroceryAid has changed my life, I was in a dark place when they visited and I felt I had no options left at all. I am now able to manage on the benefits I receive and concentrate on my health without worrying. I am so grateful for the friendship and help given to me by GroceryAid.

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