Coercive Control #ITSNOTOK

PUBLISHED: 21 Jan 2020

Did you know that in the UK, 1 in 4 women will experience domestic abuse and 1 in 5 sexual assault during her lifetime?


It’s an awful figure and one that continues to grow year on year, and it doesn’t just happen to women. One in three domestic abuse victims in the UK are men. 

The 3rd – 9th February marks Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness week and GroceryAid has services that can help those in need. You may know a friend or family member within the grocery industry who is suffering in silence, and they might not be aware of new changes to the law.

The law now recognises that domestic abuse can take several forms and is not strictly limited to physical violence, here are the new amendments.

  • Sharing sexually explicit images of a partner
  • Threatening to reveal private things about you
  • Stopping a partner from seeing friends or family
  • Restricting access to finances
  • Putting you down
  • Scaring you
  • Putting tracking devices on your phone
  • Being extremely jealous
  • Forcing you to obey their rules
  • Controlling what you wear

GroceryAid can help, by contacting the FREE 24/7 confidential Helpline you can speak to someone who will listen to your individual situation and may suggest one of the below services.

Relate Counselling

GroceryAid works in partnership with Relate, a relationship support organisation, to help people with their partner and family relationships. If you or someone you know is in a coercive control relationship it may help to talk to one of their counsellors to discuss the next steps. They offer Live Chat, over the phone, or face to face counselling and this is available from day one of working within the Grocery industry.

Crisis Support

GroceryAid can help with Crisis Support for unexpected emergencies, a change in circumstances, or a sudden gap in income. If you need to get out of an abusive relationship and move away, you may be eligible for financial support from GroceryAid, such as a crisis grant. We can offer this service if you’ve worked in the Grocery industry for over a year.

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