The Benefits of Showing Kindness

PUBLISHED: 16 Feb 2022

GroceryAid partners at Care first have shared some simple ways to show kindness and remind ourselves of the positive impact it can have.


People who are kind and compassionate see clear benefits to their wellbeing and happiness; they may even live longer. Kindness can also help reduce stress and improve our emotional wellbeing. GroceryAid’s partners at Care first have shared some simple ways to show kindness and remind ourselves about the positive impact it can have.

Listen and show interest – Simply listening to someone and showing interest in the conversation, can really make an impact. At the very least, it will show that what they are saying matters. Allow them to speak fully, without interrupting, and give cues that you’re listening.

Show Compassion – Likewise, showing compassion is a great act of kindness. You can do this by communicating how you understand and care for the recipient. Be vocal about your feelings toward the subject, giving an emotional response to what they are saying. By doing so, you’re also validating their feelings which is an act of kindness greater than any.

Give genuine compliments – Giving a compliment is simple but can make a genuine, positive impact on someone’s day. Take the time to remember compliments that were given to you and how great you felt afterwards!

Offer help – Another easy way to be kind, is by offering help. Handling a difficult task or giving advice on a serious subject, can ease the burden of another. Be a little creative with and you’ll discover all sorts of ways to help one another.

Say thank you – A single “thank you” can go a very long way. This is especially important when someone has provided their help.

Consider others’ feelings when making decisions –This doesn’t mean putting the needs or desires of another before your own. However, it’s nice to be considered when decisions are being made. For example, when planning a family event or a day out for a friend, look to include something that you know they will enjoy and appreciate.

Just smile – This may sound like a task that is so simple, it couldn’t possibly make a big difference, but a smile makes someone look kind and easily approachable; it’s a win-win for everyone.

If life is becoming difficult, speaking to someone at GroceryAid could help to get you back on track. Call our FREE, confidential 24/7 Helpline on 08088 021 122 to speak to one of our BACP trained counsellors who can provide ‘in the moment’ emotional help.

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