Supporting You During The Ukrainian Crisis

PUBLISHED: 2 Mar 2022

If you, your colleagues, family or dependants have been affected by the Ukrainian crisis, we have specialist support through our free, confidential 24/7 Helpline to support you.


We understand that many people will be concerned about the horrific situation in Ukraine. We have an update on how GroceryAid can support you, your partners / spouses and dependants who have been impacted by the crisis. Our partners at Care first have shared with us the steps they have taken to make sure the appropriate support is in place for all grocery colleagues and their families:

  • Grocery colleagues and their spouses / partners have access to our 24/7 free and confidential Helpline, which offers language line support for over 200 languages if you wish to speak to a counsellor or advisor in your chosen language
  • Telephone Information Specialists are receiving the most up to date information available so they can help support people with practical queries around the situation in Ukraine and signpost to the appropriate organisations
  • Visit our Get Help page to explore the services we offer to you, including our Health & Wellbeing Portal, support for young people through our partners Kooth and Emotional Support if you are feeling anxious or worried about the unfolding crisis

CALL OUR HELPLINE 08088 021 122



See how you can help colleagues in need


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