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1 May 2019

Mental health support from GroceryAid

Research shows that about a quarter of the population experience some kind of mental health problem in any one year. Many people get over them or learn to live with them, especially if they get help early on but for others it can have a significant, longer-term impact on the way they live their life.

Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19 May 2019) gives an opportunity to put the spotlight on mental health welfare and encourage conversations and action. It is ok not to be ok and GroceryAid offers a wide-range of support services for those needing help. 

How GroceryAid can help

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GroceryAid provides a confidential 24/7 Helpline, 365 days a year for anyone who is working or has worked within the grocery trade regardless of service. The Helpline is free and completely confidential and provides emotional support on mental health issues. 

Health and Wellbeing

GroceryAid offers online wellbeing support, hosted by Rightsteps, that assists a wide range of mind, body and behaviour topics including mental health. The support is available on-demand, providing evidence-based interventions which help colleagues develop personal resilience and self-management techniques to improve wellbeing.

Telephone counselling

For people who need a more in-depth approach; GroceryAid can provide those who meet our eligibility criteria with an assessment call and, if appropriate, up to six sessions of telephone counselling.

Stress, anxiety and depression support

Based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), GroceryAid can offer a course from SilverCloud. This programme is made up of online modules with a wide range of interactive tools and apps including; quizzes, videos, mindfulness exercises and interactive charts. The course will help you understand the link between how you think and how this influences your feelings and your behaviour. The programme teaches strategies to help you cope better in the short term and workable skills for life so that you can face the future with confidence.

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