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13 Mar 2019

Legal advice at your fingertips

Law Express is a leading independent provider of telephone legal advice and online information.

Law Express have been working with charities and benevolent funds for over twenty years and are proud to be able to assist people working within the grocery industry, providing a vital lifeline to those requiring legal advice and guidance. 

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The partnership means that grocery colleagues can access Law Express legal advice via phone and factsheets. Their team gives practical advice and guidance on personal legal issues which include the following:

  • Family - divorce, separation, children, finances, wills and powers of attorney.
  • Consumer - purchase and hiring of goods and services, credit, and holiday problems.
  • Motoring - contesting fines and penalties, legal obligations as a vehicle owner, buying and selling cars, parking tickets, speeding, other offences and penalties.
  • Property - buying, selling and renting property, rights and obligations as a neighbour/tenant.
  • Employment - basic statutory rights as an employee, the disciplinary procedure, TUPE, redundancy and dismissal, illness, misconduct, and health and safety.
  • Personal injury - sustained at work or in a traffic accident, caused by errors in hospital treatment or sustained by a victim in the course of a crime.
  • Tax information - inheritance tax, issues relating to self-employment, VAT and NI.
  • Immigration - information and guidance (due to regulatory restrictions).

If you have a specific legal question that cannot be answered by our online resources, please call our 24 hour legal Helpline on 08088 021 122 to arrange to speak with an expert advisor.

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