We know that a crisis can happen at any time in your life

PUBLISHED: 13 Feb 2020

When you’re least expecting it, things happen in life that knock you off course and you find yourself in financial difficulties


We can support you in a short-term financial crisis. You can apply for a crisis grant if you experience an un-expected emergency, a change in circumstances or a sudden gap in income. 

All applications are considered on a case by case basis but to be eligible for financial help you need to currently be working in the UK grocery industry for over a year or have worked in the industry previously for at least five years. 

Illness remains the primary reason cited for needing our support as people are often hit by a sudden fall in income when long-term sickness results in them transferring from a salary to statutory sick pay. This is evidenced by the fact that Macmillan is our second highest referrer after industry employers.

"92% of people receiving a crisis grant are of working age"

However, an emerging trend is the increasing number of referrals from housing and local authorities, asking us to help grocery colleagues with financial grants to settle rent arrears and prevent them from being evicted from their homes.

As the industry continues to navigate through challenging times, we fully expect to see further growth in crisis grant applications.

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