Keeping Positive For The Year Ahead

PUBLISHED: 20 Dec 2021


Keeping Positive for The Year Ahead

Creating a positive outlook is important for our emotional wellbeing, especially when life throws different challenges our way. GroceryAid Helpline partners, Care first, have created some helpful suggestions for creating and maintaining a positive outlook as we head into the New Year.

Try to find the silver linings of 2021

Try to find some positivity from the past year. Did you manage to spend less money because you weren’t going out as much? Were you able to spend more time at home with loved ones? Were you able to spend more time focussing on yourself? Has the last year taught you to appreciate the simple things in life?

Start 2022 as you mean to go on

Try setting yourself some goals to achieve in the New Year, such as little things you would like to do more or less of. Don’t make the challenge burdensome, small things can make a difference like checking in with friends or bringing positivity to others. Helping others makes you feel better and working on yourself creates a sense of progress in areas you wouldn’t have normally considered.

Feed yourself positivity

Manage the influences in your life to help feed your positivity. It is not possible to completely avoid negativity, but you can pinpoint sources of it such as TV and social media and limit the amount of time spent absorbing it. This will help to maintain a level of positivity by reducing unnecessary concern.

Look after your general wellbeing

Looking after general wellbeing can have a positive effect on our state of mind as it reduces stresses and anxieties; it can also create positive feelings. Getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet and exercising the mind and body, will all help to create positive feelings which can help when dealing with difficult situations.

Appreciate things as they come

Look forward and savour the moment when you’re able to do something you haven’t been able to do for so long, hug a family member without fear or book a holiday overseas to a destination of your choice without the need for tests and forms. This is just an example of a few things that could change going into 2022. It may not be the case, who knows what the New Year might bring but at least many of us have got over the initial shock of the pandemic now allowing us to take things in our stride.

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