Is Your Household Struggling Financially?

PUBLISHED: 1 Dec 2020


In these uncertain times, GroceryAid has many ways to help.  Here is some information about the free confidential debt advice and financial support they offer.

Financial Grants

GroceryAid offer non-repayable one-off grants, designed to help those experiencing an unexpected em­­­­ergency, a change in circumstances or a sudden gap in income.

COVID -19 Fund

The £1.5 million GroceryAid Covid-19 fund has been established to provide enhanced support for colleagues during this unprecedented period. The non-repayable grants are to help those suffering from a sudden change in their life which could include a bereavement, poor living conditions, fleeing from domestic violence or a sudden gap in income due to the impact of COVID-19.

Debt Advice

GroceryAid partners with Stepchange, a debt charity, that can help you assess your financial situation and give advice and practical solutions to help you make a fresh start. Through their freephone Helpline, their CAB trained Telephone Information Specialists can carry out a full benefits check. They  have also put together a useful ‘Find out More’ Guide about debt which covers the following:

Step 1: Get to know your debts

Step 2: Find your priority debts

Step 3: Build your budget

Step 4: Get help with your debts

Step 5: Boost your income

Step 6: Save more money

Step 7: Take control of your financial future

Case Study

Kesha found herself in debt when she struggled to work whilst caring for her son who needed mental health support. Read how we helped Kesha clear her arrears and prevent all eviction proceedings.



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GroceryAid partners with Money Helper to bring you a range of top tools to support your finances. Learning how to budget and save can help you feel in control and create a safety net for unexpected expenses.

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