Household income affected by redundancy may be eligible for help

PUBLISHED: 8 Sep 2020


With the furlough scheme winding down it is estimated that thousands of jobs within the UK are at risk. Unemployment benefits have already more than doubled, surging to 2.7 million between March and July and this means there are now many households needing to find work.

So why are we talking about this when the grocery industry remains one of the most buoyant throughout the pandemic? Whilst a colleague’s job within the grocery industry may be safe, a partner or spouse may have been put on furlough, at risk or made redundant, stretching the household income to the limit.

With these extra financial pressures, there may be a struggle to meet family responsibilities or difficultly in coping emotionally. Understandably, redundancy can cause uncertainty, stress and worries in any of us.

How can GroceryAid help me and my household?

At GroceryAid we don’t just help colleagues in the grocery industry, partners and spouses or grocery colleagues are also eligible for our support.

24/7 Helpline

All emotional support calls are answered by a BACP trained counsellor providing urgent relief to callers who are anxious or stressed. Callers also have access to a team of Telephone Information Specialists who can provide practical information regarding furlough, benefits and signpost to other GroceryAid services.

Wellbeing portal

Our Health and Wellbeing portal offers focused sessions created specifically for Advice around Covid-19. Our newest Find Out More Guide offers support and advice about the emotional effects of redundancy

Debt Advice

It’s natural to worry about how finances might be affected, so if you’re concerned on a change in circumstance, we have our partner Stepchange who can help you understand what to do next and get finances back on track

Read this helpful article by Stepchange: Redundancy & Debt


A friendly AI Chatbot that gives access to ‘in the moment’ emotional support. Woebot can help to reduce stress using CBT methods and breathing exercises whilst giving insight on how to help particular issues

Crisis Grants

Our non-repayable one-off grants are there to help those experiencing an unexpected change to circumstances. If you or your partner experience a loss in household income due to redundancy, you have been working for over a year in the grocery industry and meet our household income and savings criteria you may be eligible for a grant



See how you can help colleagues in need


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