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16 Dec 2019

The happier the time of the year, the more rubbish you can feel

Christmas isn’t always the happiest time of year for everyone but we have services that can help.

When social workers, care workers or GP’s can be difficult to get hold of at Christmas, GroceryAid is available for colleagues through our 24/7 Helpline, meaning people can even access our services on Christmas Day. Anxiety, debt worries, and relationship problems can all be heightened by the stress of Christmas and are just a few of the reasons that someone may want to reach out for support.

Mental Health

According to NHS figures, one in four people in the UK are likely to experience a mental health problem every year, with 1.4 million people referred to NHS mental health therapy in the last year alone.

If you have a family member or colleague that struggles with their mental health over Christmas, there are a couple of supportive measures that you can take to help them. Firstly, be patient, they may be feeling anxious. Secondly talk to them, be there for them and encourage them to seek help with GroceryAid if they need it. 

Debt Advice

The Christmas period can push even those of us that have comfortable earnings over the edge. Not everyone has the extra savings needed to make Christmas ‘special’, and coverage from News, TV and social media can add pressure to make it the perfect Christmas. If you, a family member or a colleague have financial difficulties, the 24/7 Helpline is available and our partners at StepChange can offer advice and help with a debt repayment plan.

Long-term Help


We offer our long-term beneficiaries a bit of extra help around the Christmas period. As well as their quarterly payment they receive a one-off winter payment of £100 to ensure that they can heat their home and keep warm and well throughout the Christmas period. We also try to provide a little Christmas cheer, so this year 213  beneficiaries with children received a one-off payment of £150 to help cover the cost of making Christmas a little special.

Let your employees know that there is FREE support available if they are facing any of the mentioned issues and please signpost them to GroceryAid. 

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