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12 Nov 2018

GroceryAid supports Talk Money Week

GroceryAid is supporting Talk Money Week (12-18 November), an annual campaign run by The Money Advice Service. The aim of the campaign being to simply start a conversation on money and see where it goes. 

There are many benefits that come from discussing money: 

  • It can reduce stress 
  • Enable people to take a closer look at spending habits
  • Get ideas on how to save money
  • Find out how to get help with debts 

By bringing money problems into the light, people can stop others and perhaps even themselves potentially making bad decisions. The aim is to reduce the stigma around being in debt, improve money management skills and financial wellbeing too.

National debt charity StepChange has put together a range of information devoted to providing money advice on their website. You can access this by visiting:

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How GroceryAid can help

If you’ve got money worries and you work or have worked in any part of the grocery industry GroceryAid has a professional Helpline you can call 24/7, 365 days a year for practical advice. The service can also be found online via Live Chat.

You may also be eligible for financial support from GroceryAid, such as crisis grants, longer term financial assistance or help with essential household appliances.

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