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11 Jun 2018

GroceryAid reveal Revitalise collaboration

GroceryAid is working alongside Revitalise, a charity providing respite care in a holiday setting for disabled people and their Carers.

GroceryAid currently offers an annual £300 respite break to beneficiaries enrolled on its Carers Programme. As a result of the collaboration, Revitalise have offered to match this £300 grant, if a Revitalise break is booked, bringing the total grant available up to £600.

Mandi Leonard, Welfare Director at GroceryAid said, "We are delighted at Revitalise's offer to match this respite grant. Revitalise offer tailored breaks catering to the needs of Carers and their dependents, allowing some much-needed time to wind down. We hope this new partnership helps to raise awareness in the industry of the specialist services available to Carers."

Commenting on the opportunity to work alongside GroceryAid, Revitalise CEO Chris Simmonds said: "We are delighted to be working with GroceryAid to provide support to people from across the whole of the grocery industry. For over 50 years we’ve supported disabled people and Carers through the provision of our respite holidays and we passionately believe that the opportunity to take a break should be accessible to everyone. This opportunity means that we have the potential to reach even greater numbers of people in need of a break, something I am very excited about.”

Who are Revitalise?

Revitalise logo.jpg

Revitalise is a national charity providing respite holidays for disabled people and Carers. The short breaks, with 24-hour nurse-led care on-call and personal support at three accessible UK centres in Chigwell, Southampton and Southport. Each centre offers a wide range of accessible activities and excursions in a holiday environment.

Revitalise believes that everybody deserves a break, even if they cannot afford one. This is why they provide hardship funding – to eradicate the barriers standing between disabled people and Carers in need of a break.

What is a Revitalise respite break?

Revitalise’s centres cater for adults with over 150 different impairments and the charity aims to provide a refreshing alternative to traditional residential respite care. With a relaxed, holiday-style environment, including a variety of trips and activities.

Revitalise respite break 500px

Guests can choose from a variety of excursions provided all year round, and these may include indoor skydiving, trips to France or Belgium and accessible ice skating. If guests prefer to stay at the centre they can enjoy painting, exercise classes and much more, or they can simply enjoy time relaxing. Revitalise volunteers are on hand to support guests and create a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

“I cared for dad for a year with no support at all. I felt isolated from a ‘normal’ life. Regular breaks are really important. Just being able to relax, knowing dad was safe and happy, really made a difference. I really feel I wouldn’t have coped at all now without our breaks. At Revitalise I got to be his daughter again, instead of his Carer – it was a wonderful feeling.”

Eligibility criteria

  • You must be enrolled on the GroceryAid Carers Programme
  • Not have received a respite break grant from GroceryAid in the last twelve months 
  • You must be 18 or older

Apply for your Revitalise respite break and find out more by clicking here

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