Khaleda’s Story

Khaleda applied for a GroceryAid financial grant and found the process simple and easy to follow


After my partner left me and my children, I struggled to pay the rent. Although I now receive Universal Credit, when he first left I missed two months payments.

I just can’t catch up on the debt and it is worrying me so much I can hardly sleep; I am worried I will lose my home. I was so stressed I missed some work and my manager suggested I apply to GroceryAid.

I applied on my phone using the application link on the GroceryAid website. I got my online banking and payslips open so I could give the figures asked for. I uploaded a copy of my last six payslips and rent arrears statement to the application form. Once I finished the form, I received an email and I used the Consents.Online link to give access to all my bank accounts, this way GroceryAid can see my rent, child benefit and universal credit along with my children’s savings accounts which are linked to mine.

After a couple of days Donna from GroceryAid called me to ask me to provide my Universal Credit statement. This gave my name, address, confirmed that I was single and how many children I was responsible for.  Once I emailed it Donna confirmed that she had everything she needed and that my application would need to be reviewed by the Management team for sign off.

The following week Donna emailed me offering to pay a grant to clear my rent arrears. I had to confirm by email that I was happy to accept the grant and once I did that, I received the payment confirmation.

The grant does not need to be repaid and Donna was friendly and helpful. I did have to provide my bank information, but this was done in a secure, confidential way and I am really happy with the result which has left me able to sleep.

It took two weeks from my application to the payment and Donna also sent me details on how to access free counselling to talk about the change in my life and how to access legal advice on getting child maintenance. I found the budget calculator helpful as I am struggling to manage on less money and will try to stick to the plan I have made to stay straight in the future.