How to Apply

Before applying for an Asda Foundation Support Grant please ensure you have read this page. Grants are processed by GroceryAid and no personal or identifying information will be shared with Asda.


What you will need before you start:

Contact Details

We may need to speak to you about your application so you will need to provide an email address we can use to contact you on and a telephone number and address. If you can’t provide this information, please call us to discuss.

National Insurance Number

Please have your National insurance number ready.

Current Asda Employment Evidence

This grant is awarded based on your current employment with Asda which must have been continuous for at least three months.

Therefore, you must provide evidence in the form of the last three months’ payslips, a letter /email from your employer on letterhead or from a company email address or another official document such as a P60 for each year of employment. Where you have specific need evidence of longer service may enable us to award a higher grant.

If you are unable to provide this evidence your application will be rejected.

Household Income, Expenditure and Savings

You will need to have available accurate information for you and your spouse/partner (if applicable) about your:

  • net household income (from payslips, for example, showing the amount you get after tax and national insurance)
  • benefits income (Universal Credit statement) and pensions
  • housing costs (rent, mortgage)
  • council tax
  • child maintenance payments
  • balances of all savings accounts (including ISA’s, Premium Bonds, Shares etc.) You will not be eligible to apply if you have over £6,000 in savings

Evidence Required

You will need to provide the last three months bank statements evidencing all household income, your salary from Asda and any rent/mortgage costs, this may mean you have to provide several bank account statements.

Bank statements can usually be downloaded as a PDF from your online banking. These can be saved to your device and then uploaded to our application form.

If you do not provide bank statements evidencing all household income and housing costs your application will be rejected.

Reason for Application

Please tell us what you need help with and what has caused this problem.

Applying on behalf of someone else

You will be unable to apply using our online application if you are not the applicant as the permissions need to be signed. Please download the application form here which you can submit by post or email once signed by the applicant.