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    Wallet Cards

    Double-sided business cards with the GroceryAid Helpline and website information on.
Recommended one per colleague.

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    GroceryAid Flyers

    Double sided flyers with overview of charity services and Helpline information. Can be used as mini-posters, handed out or desk drops.

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    GroceryAid Poster

    Three different designs of A4 poster explaining the emotional, practical and financal support available from GroceryAid. When ordering you will receive an equal amount of each poster. Can be used for notice boards, backs of doors, bulletin boards

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    Large Poster

    A2 double sided poster. Large format poster with design each side to display information in meeting rooms, lunch halls and communal spaces.

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    Comes with 12 per sheet, quantity is number of sheets. Can be used to hand out to colleagues, stuck on laptops, notice boards, tills etc. Recommended one per colleague.

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