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We're not buying it - stress

13 million working days are lost to stress each year in the UK.

We’re not buying it and we’re asking the industry not to buy stress too. 

Stress is an inevitable aspect of life, but it is increasingly getting out of hand for many and can lead to damaging physical and mental consequences. Stress bottle 250px.jpg

A common place where stress is caused is in the workplace with reports suggesting that most workers work longer hours than their contracted week, with 37% reporting they work more than 48 hours per week and many taking work home and working at weekends.

How does GroceryAid help people with stress issues? 

Online therapy programme - GroceryAid is working with SilverCloud to offer a personal, flexible and accessible online space to help you with any stress/anxiety issues whenever, and wherever you may need it. The service offers an anonymous, safe and secure space for users to learn and develop at their own pace, empowering people to manage their own mental and behavioural health: 

GroceryAid offer a free, confidential Helpline to all grocery colleagues to provide advice, support and a listening ear. You can also use the 24/7 Live Chat for guidance.

Stress factsheet - looks at the causes of stress, what employers can do, the importance of time management. 

Coping with stress factsheet – information about stress with signposting to further agencies that could help. 

Show your support 

Help us to raise awareness of stress and the help available by telling your colleagues and supporting the work of GroceryAid. Whether you’re working in manufacturing, as a brand-owner, wholesaling, grocery retailing or any other part of the supply chain, we need your support. You can do this in so many ways.

  • Make us your main company charity.
  • Support our events. It would be great to see you there. 
  • Hold your own fundraising events. We’d love to hear your ideas.
  • Make a corporate donation
  • Spread the word. Tell your colleagues about us. 
  • Connect with GroceryAid on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook and show us that your #notbuyingit.  

Contact us today and start the conversation on how you can support our campaign:

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