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Helpline Information

For help and advice contact our confidential 24/7 GroceryAid Helpline

Marketing Toolkit

Materials to help you support and raise awareness of GroceryAid.

Branding, leaflets and posters 

GroceryAid logo 

Download our logo.

About GroceryAid information 

Copy overview of GroceryAid including who we help and how we help. 

- GroceryAid presentation

All the information you need to know about GroceryAid in slide form. 

- Postcard - how GroceryAid can help 

Poster - turn to GroceryAid 

- Poster - stress 

- Poster - case study 

- Promo stationery order form 

From pens to pop-ups to post-it notes, see the attached form for a full list of our available promo stationery. Our promo is typically used for head office awareness days, desk drops and event purposes. Please complete and return to

GroceryAid brand guidelines 

How to use our logo, typography, colours and more. 

- Template social media posts 

Show your support of GroceryAid by sharing these template posts on the social platform of your choice.

Our Publications

ImpactReport Hi-res 200x100.jpg

- Impact Report 2018 - our first Impact Report focuses on the welfare support provided by GroceryAid over the last year. 

EventsGroceryAid_180517-0071 350px.jpg

Challenge event pack

Fundraising tips, case studies and all you need to know about taking on a challenge event for GroceryAid. 

- Challenge event terms & conditions

Barcode Festival 2019Barcode Festival 2019

- Logo

- Artwork 

- Press release (announcement)  

- Website

#notbuyingit marketing campaign #notbuyingit_roster 2018.jpg

- Campaign press release  - 2017 

Text detailing what the campaign is about, the key subjects it addresses and what it attempts to achieve. 

- Campaign press release - 2018 

#notbuyingit was relaunched in 2018 with a focus on the new subjects of mental health and crisis. Text details how the campaign has developed and the fresh focus. 

Campaign print adverts - 2017 

Campaign print adverts - 2018 

Check out our four trade press adverts, which you may have already seen in a publication or two!

Campaign mini ads

View our short #notbuyingit mini ads on our YouTube channel. If you would like to receive the clips please email

GIFs and Leaderboards 

Visual aids to show your support of our campaign, to be used on websites, intranets and social media. 


Helpline copy 

Helpline_Logo_png.pngThis core text provides an overview of our free, confidential Helpline and the range of services it can provide for those who work in the grocery industry. 

Helpline text with case study

An amended Helpline copy with the addition of a beneficiary quote. 

Helpline logo

Download our Helpline logo.

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For all queries on events or to find out how else you can support us.

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