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Find out more about how you can leave a legacy to help grocery people.

GroceryAid legaciesGroceryAid is the national charity for the grocery people. Whether you work for a manufacturer, wholesaler, the supply chain or grocery store, we offer financial help and practical support. To help us continue to support those who come to us in times of need, we are asking you to consider leaving a donation in your Will to GroceryAid.

Leaving a donation in your Will

If you have already made a Will, but would like to leave a donation to GroceryAid, you can do so by adding a codicil to your existing Will. 

If you have not already made a Will, then it is important to speak to a Solicitor to ensure your wishes are clear and no confusion or upset arises. You can find a list of solicitors through:

Although you will have to pay a fee, you will receive sound professional advice and can be sure your wishes are achieved.

Types of gift

There are a number of ways you can give a gift to GroceryAid in your Will. The most commonly used are:

  • Pecuniary gift – you can choose to give a gift of a fixed amount of money
  • Residuary gift – you can choose to leave a share, or the whole, of what is left in your estate once all debts, expenses and other gifts are paid out
  • Specific legacy – you can choose to leave anything, from a painting and property to stocks and shares.

To find out more about types of gift you should talk to your Solicitor.

For general information about making a charitable donation in your Will, then Remember A Charity has a range of guidance and support.

For general advice on the potential tax advantages of making a gift to a charity visit the website.

For general advice on making a Will contact The Law Society.

Information for your Solicitor

If you decide to include GroceryAid in your Will, please give the following information to your Solicitor: 

GroceryAid, National Grocers Benevolent Fund, of 2 Lakeside Business Park, Swan Lane, Sandhurst, Berkshire GU47 9DN, Registered charity no 1095897 (England & Wales) and SC039255 (Scotland).

Get in touch

Thank you for supporting GroceryAid in this special way. If you would like to notify us of your gift, thereby helping us to plan for the future please do so using the contact details below. 

Please email or call 01252 875925.

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