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Fundraise with JustGiving

Make your own JustGiving fundraising page for personal challenges or for GroceryAid events you take part in.

JustGiving If you are thinking of fundraising for GroceryAid you can raise money quickly and easily online with your own personalised webpage. It takes only minutes to put your details on. Friends, family, work colleagues and anyone else, from anywhere in the world, can then make a donation on your page with using a credit card, debit card or via PayPal.

Make your page

Fundraising pages are just like paper sponsorship forms, except they’re online. Simply personalise your page with a photo and message and email the web address to all your contacts. Just go to Make Your Page to access GroceryAid's JustGiving page.

Using JustGiving saves us costs and reduces our admin burden, so going online is by far the most efficient way of supporting us.

Donate online

It’s also easy to make a single or monthly donation with a credit or debit card online.

JustGiving reclaims Gift Aid automatically and pays your donation directly to us at the end of every week, and the site is 100% secure.

A list of the current GroceryAid fundraisers can be found on JustGiving.

Fundraise with JustGiving

Please consider using JustGiving to support your fundraising.

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