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Achievement Award winners

In this section we acknowledge the fantastic support that companies across the industry have given GroceryAid.

GroceryAid Achievement Awards

Achievement Award winners:

Gold Award: The top award recognises exceptional commitment and achievement to GroceryAid. A gold award-winning company will participate in each of the five key charitable criteria listed. This includes pioneering the work of the charity, proactively contributing to GroceryAid in its work today and supporting its plans to alleviate future hardship.

Silver Award: To take silver, your company will need to substantially participate in several of the five key charitable criteria. A silver award-winning company will assist the charity with its day-to-day operations, help to define its future strategy and consistently demonstrate practical support for the charity.

Bronze Award: Bronze will be awarded to companies who have clearly recognised GroceryAid's current work within the industry and have actively helped the charity in support of former colleagues.

Company Supporter Certificate: This certificate will be given as a sincere expression of gratitude to all supporters of GroceryAid who are considered for a bronze award and just miss qualifying for it.

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