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Relationship Advice

We can provide free relationship counselling and support for people

Healthy relationships with our partners and family are vital to our health and wellbeing.  As we move through life, we experience changes and transitions that can put pressure on our relationships and it’s good to know that there is support available to help you, your partner or your family cope with both the emotional and practical impact on your lives together.

Services available to you  

You can talk to a counsellor in a variety of ways and you may decide to use a mix of these services depending on your situation.

Live chat

Talk to someone now via your smartphone, computer or tablet

Lasts around 25 minutes

Designed to help you work out your next steps


Face-to-face counselling (Coming soon)

Meet with a relationship counsellor or sex therapist in a private room in your local Relate Centre

Attend as an individual, with your partner or as a family group

Meet with your counsellor or therapist regularly for as long as you feel it’s helpful


Telephone counselling

·Work with a relationship counsellor over the phone

Book 30- or 60-minute appointments

Have telephone counselling as an individual, with your partner or other family members in a conference call

Eligibility criteria:

Available to grocery colleagues, their spouses, partners and dependents

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