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Financial Help

If you are currently working in the grocery industry or have at least 5 years' service you may be eligible for financial support from GroceryAid. 

When someone is eligible for our financial help one of our Welfare Caseworkers will visit them in their home, and make a detailed assessment of their needs. Not only do they look into their financial situation, he or she also checks that the applicant is in possession of all the essentials of modern day living. For example, we ensure that all our beneficiaries have safe fully functioning domestic appliances such as a washing machine, cooker, fridge, telephone and television. Other household equipment provided over the last year has also included microwave ovens and beds.

Mobility Items

Beneficiaries with mobility difficulties can be provided with electrically powered wheelchairs and scooters, stairlifts and recliner chairs. And for particularly frail or vulnerable beneficiaries who live alone, we are able to provide Telephone Response Systems, which enable them to feel more confident in their own homes.

Emergency Grants

Emergency grants are made available when necessary to help towards the cost of items such as walk-in showers, boilers, roof repairs, security items or double-glazing.

For those in the industry who have worked for some time but perhaps not quite long enough to qualify for our ongoing support, or who do not qualify within our financial parameters, we are sometimes able to provide one-off grants. These can make an enormous difference to many beneficiaries, particularly those who are householders and struggling to maintain their homes. These applications are judged on their own individual merit.

Extra help in the holidays

Voucher hamper 2014 companiesAt Christmas time thanks to the support of many companies throughout the industry, GroceryAid sends out a 'Voucher Hamper' of coupons, vouchers and gift cards to all beneficiaries to help at what can be a difficult time of year.

Steve Barnes, Chief Executive at GroceryAid, comments: "Whilst Christmas is generally the busiest time for our industry it is so heartwarming to see so many companies coming together to support former industry colleagues."

Discretionary Grants

Subject to the discretion of the Trustees, beneficiaries may also receive help in the form of a winter fuel grant (£100 in Dec, £75 in March) and those with dependents may receive £150 per dependent to help with extra costs at both Christmas and during the summer.

GroceryAid Helpline

GroceryAid HelplineThe freephone GroceryAid Helpline is also available to everyone in the industry - those currently working who need a bit of extra help and also former grocery industry colleagues.

Subjects covered include:

  • Financial support and advice, including benefits information
  • Personal issues including family, children and relationships
  • Carers Programme for those who care for others
  • Career support
  • Health and mental health issues
  • Legal issues
  • Telephone counselling
  • Help with depression and anxiety through a supported and approved programme

Contact the welfare team

If you need help with using this section please contact the GroceryAid Head Office and a member of the welfare team will be able to help.

01252 875925

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