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Factsheet of the Month

Each month we produce a topical Factsheet, providing up to date and relevant advice on key issues affecting grocery people on a day to day basis. 

Helpline logoDid you know that our website holds over 100 Factsheets packed with information and guidance on a variety of subjects?

These cover topics from money and debt, health and wellbeing, housing, workplace and legal advice. The Factsheets also signpost to relevant agencies or organisations who may be able to help. 

See below for a list of our monthly Factsheets - we hope you find these useful.

November 2018

Talk Money Week 

October 2018 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Crisis Support 

September 2018 

Dealing with post summer blues

August 2018

Taking time off during the holidays

July 2018

Strains of the summer holidays

June 2018

Respite breaks with Revitalise 

May 2018

Back to work support

April 2018

Dealing with a traumatic incident 

March 2018

60-second debt checker 

February 2018

Talking about mental health

January 2018

How to be positive in 2018

December 2017

Tips for an argument-free Christmas

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